White City Light

Just when you thought the lights had gone out. I have just created this custom typeface for brand spanking new Australian band White City Light. An electronic rock fusion, I would describe the music as a progression from pub rock to club rock. The band will be launching online in the weeks to come and marketing the singles as opposed to an album. So this simple template will be the home to an eclectic mix of imagery that suits the particular track. For this one I used a photograph of a stage light combined with an illustration made up of light shards – the band interpreted it as an abstract bird, I love that.

Stay tuned!

Casual bling.

A couple of limited edition shoe prints for Atlanta shoes Italy. The first is a sketchy illustration of some Egyptian elements and a few aliens titled ‘Conspiracy Theory’. The second is nothing more than a frivolous posh print called ‘Regal’. All in good fun.



Would love to share the process of one packaging project with you. This one is for a set of 8 spice samples. The brief is that it needs to look special, something that can be placed on shelf, is easy to open, would look great in a gift pack, fits 8 bags of spices and … Continue reading

Delicious illustration

I love the challenge of illustrating a character with as few shapes & elements as possible. Featured in Wooden Toy Quarterly, Apple surprise is one of my favs for that reason. I love that moment when you put a few shapes together and then all of a sudden this character is staring back at you full of personality and with a life of its own.

Fubuki tees.

On request, here are the other tee shirts in the series that I illustrated for FUBUKI. A fusion of Western culture & traditional Japan, let me introduce you to Origami Optimus who fights for peace by shooting paper cranes, Samurai Jedi, Surfing Sumo and the lovely Geisha, blowing bubble gum bubbles as she listens to a bit of Kasabian (well I was when I illustrated her anyway). Wish they were still making the shirts I get lots of enquiries!

Sweet enough to eat.

Enjoy this yummy illustration I created for Three Little Trees kids clothing label. My fav has to be the swirly nosed lollypop with the cheeky toothy grin.

Friendly icons.

How could you harm the environment when it’s this cute? These environmentally friendly icons designed by yours truly are now for sale with a 5 star illustration rating here. Use them to clearly communicate that your product saves water, saves trees or helps to save the planet.

Let’s create something.

Please take the time to enjoy this video clip I co created for creative product agency Buzz. Finding a way to sum up what they do was tricky, but the creative approach to product design was key. My favorite part is the pile of products turning into the logo at the end.

Raise your glass to Muso.

From the darkest corner of the seediest pub with the stickiest beer wafting carpet comes Muso. Tragically talented. Now available on istockphoto with a five star illustration rating.