Would love to share the process of one packaging project with you. This one is for a set of 8 spice samples. The brief is that it needs to look special, something that can be placed on shelf, is easy to open, would look great in a gift pack, fits 8 bags of spices and something that folds. I created this mock up box to sit perfectly on the shelf next to the full size spice boxes in the range. It is equal to exactly 2 full size boxes. The beauty of it is display – it can be left shut, opened up to display the 4 separate boxes or even folded inside out and closed revealing the inside of the pack. There is a divider in each box to separate the spices and I envision window cut outs to reveal the spices on the inside. Will let you know what my client thinks!

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Other is a solo Design Studio. Kelly works there.

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